Samantha Rodriguez 


Hi, I’m Sam! I am originally from the Rio Grande Valley, but my professional training has brought me to San Antonio. I’ve found joy in helping my clients master mealtime and related skills, whether we are working on breast/bottle feeding, difficult solid textures, or re-training oral resting posture. I strive to help my clients find the right level of challenge, to encourage new skills and reduce stress.  I have specialized training to help children with developmental delays, oral-motor delays, sensory processing disorders, restricted diets, myofunctional disorders, and lactation support. My clients mean so much to me,  I truly believe that in working closely with my clients and their care team- we can make significant and lasting improvement to their qualify of life. It is a privilege to serve my community in this way and I look forward to making progress with all of my Right Bite clients. I can’t wait to meet you!

Morgan Jarzombek


Hello! My name is Morgan and I am a San Antonio native! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of children with feeding and swallowing disorders. My goal is to help my patients participate in mealtime without stress and benefit from the social and physical pleasures that surround mealtime. I value the relationships I build with families and my first priority is helping them achieve their goals! Whether the goal is to help your child breast/bottle feed or expand your child’s food inventory, I strongly believe that a team approach is the BEST approach, with caregivers being the leading members of that team. To the caregivers of my patients: You are not alone. You are doing a great job. If you are here, I know you are ready! Let's work together to help your child unlock his/her greatest potential! I can't wait to meet you!

Our Mission

Right Bite Feeding & Myofunctional Therapy provides comprehensive in-home services in San Antonio. We strive to integrate holistic, evidence-based approaches in order to support growing children and adults to speak, breathe, and eat optimally.

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