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Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech is HOW we produce sounds to make words.


Speech therapy can help a child to produce sounds the correct way so that they can be clearly understood when communicating.


At Right Bite, we take a functional approach to treating speech sound disorders. The right mechanics for speech sound production must be intact to ensure that the child is able to produce that sound correctly.


Some children are in speech therapy for years with little to no progress being made. At Right Bite, we work with children and their families to answer WHY a child is having trouble with proper speech production.

Does my child need speech therapy?


A child is a good candidate for a speech therapy evaluation if they present with:


Omitting sounds from words

Mispronouncing sounds in words


Excessive spit when talking

Shifting of jaws and lips when speaking

Overall difficult to understand


It is our number one priority to help your child unlock their full potential and establish sustainable skills for optimal growth, brain development, and overall health for a lifetime.


If you are ready to help your child unlock their greatest potential, call us at (210) 256-9859. We are ready to start this exciting journey with you!

You can complete preliminary intake information by clicking here.

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