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Attendance Policies

  • Late Policy: If later than 10 minutes to my scheduled appointment, you may be asked to reschedule  appointment out of respect for the clinician’s time and the clients who are scheduled after you.

  • Cancellation Policy: you are responsible for canceling my appointments with more than 24 hours notice to avoid a late cancellation fee. I can cancel by calling the Right Bite office directly at (210)256-9859 (voicemails are accepted if not within office hours), by responding to text message reminders, or via email at:

  • Late Cancellation/No Call-No Show Policy: a fee of $50 for late cancellations or $100 for no call-no show incidents may automatically be charged to your account if you fail to notify Right Bite’s Patient Care Coordinator of cancellation. You can avoid these fees by attending a rescheduled appointment within 7 days of late cancellation/NCNS, or by canceling my appointment with more than 24 hours notice via phone, email, or replying to text message reminders. Please note: if you have recurring appointments (for example: every Tuesday at 9am), the next recurring appointment is not considered a rescheduled appointment.

  • Frequent reschedules or cancellations:  More than two rescheduled or canceled appointments over the span of 8 weeks will result in losing your recurring appointment time, or result in discharge from Right Bite’s services. Recurring appointments may be re-established following 100% attendance rate across 4 sessions (scheduled session-to-session). 

  • Recurring Appointments: Right Bite offers recurring appointments as a courtesy. Please always confirm your next appointment with your clinician or Patient Care Coordinator to ensure your appointment is still standing.

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